This year’s field of Emmy-nominated actresses across both the comedy and drama series categories offers a refreshing twist on the old behind-everygreat-man axiom: Alongside many of these great leading ladies is another great woman. A growing crop of television’s top-tier series are fueled by increasingly compelling, complicated, codependent and often clashing female relationships, whether playing … Read more


Adecade ago, the limited series was on its deathbed, as was its place at the Emmys. To be fair, the “limited series” didn’t really exist. Way back in the ancient past of 2010, they were called “miniseries,” a name that primarily referred to three things: PBS prestige literary adaptations, broadcast multiparters reserved to air during … Read more

Top cinematographers say that new set safety protocols have minimized risk for resuming production amid the pandemic: ‘My approach is, assume the people around you have it’

After March’s coronavirus pandemic shutdown, Oscar-nominated cinematographer Greig Fraser did some commercial work in the U.S. before returning to the U.K. to resume production on Warner Bros.’ The Batman. During one of these commercial shoots, a crewmember tested positive for COVID-19. “When he tested positive, we shut down,” Fraser says, noting that everyone on set … Read more

The World’s Second-Largest Film Market Moves Beyond Hollywood

Battered by the pandemic and growing political headwinds, Hollywood’s business prospects in China are becoming bleak. A state oftumult in Washington-Beijing diplomatic relations is putting greater scrutiny on film activities in the country, while the United States’ failure to contain COVID-19 is forcing the industry to take its pedal offthe accelerator in China’s theatrical market. … Read more

Palm Springs A Time-Loop Comedy Starring Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti

afew years ago, Max Barbakow found himself amid what felt like an endless Southern California wedding season. These circa-2015 nuptials all had traditional elements as well as of-the-moment millennial trappings like chalkboard signs, Mason jars, flower crowns and sometimes a photo booth thrown in for fun. “Every wedding started to feel the same,” says the … Read more

Chases, Guns, but the Real Action Is Captured in Their Faces

u niversal’s News ofthe World is the second collaboration between director Paul Greengrass and Oscarwinning Argo editor William Goldenberg following their 2018 feature about a terrorist attack, 22 July. For Goldenberg, a favorite scene in this post-Civil War Western is a nail-biting action sequence that is elevated by the fact that it moves the movie … Read more

Can a Musical Beat Comedies to Sing Out at the Globes?

in some alternative multiverse, where COVID-19 never took hold and upended Hollywood’s 2020 release calendar, right now we’d probably be debating whether Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story is the frontrunner for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Golden Globe for best motion picture, musical or comedy. After all,the fingersnapping 1961 film adaptation of the ground-breaking Broadway … Read more